• The Coffee Shop



    The Coffee Shop


    I saw you at Starbucks this morning. I know you saw me, but you pretended to not look. Then you got up, without finishing your coffee and started walking away. If you are looking for a place to stay, then this is the place for you. I started reading it as i was headed out the door and i noticed it was a diary ... and you had written all these forced sex fantasies in them, so instead i let you get in yer car and drive off ... and i Followed you. 


    You were not sure if i got the hint, but you decided to leave it unlocked when you got home, just in case. You got situated, decided it did not work out, and you decided to just sit on the couch and watch some TV. As soon as you sit down, i bust through that door, startling you. I do not speak. I rush over and grab you by the arm, slam you up against the wall and put my hand over yer mouth before telling you that there is nothing you can do ... that's going to happen if you want it or not.


    I lift yer leg up and get under those skirts to roughly pull those panties down. You are not sure if you really want this fantasy, if yer really ready for it. Well that's too fucking bad is not it. C'mere. Get yer ass over to the couch. I turn the TV up so neighbors can not hear your cries, and then slam yer face into the couch, bending that exposed ass over. Taking BOTH of yer wrestling and holding them with my left hand against yer lower back, i keep you pinned down face first and yell at you. 


    "Stick that ass up, all the way up! Go ahead and fight it." Yer not going anywhere ... "


    You can hear me unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants. This is the time you realize I'm not playing around. That this is not just some fantasy written in a diary, but that this is going to actually happen. You feel that you do not have to ... the head of my hard throbbing cock, pressing up against the walls of that sudden moist pussy, sliding up and down those walls as i tease you ... situation. You plead with me to stop and I yell at you in response, 


    "Why are you so fucking moist already huh?"


    I push into you, and you cry out as fantasy becomes reality. There's no more time to second guess if you want this or not .. it's happening. I push a little more and you break away one arm and use it to try to push back against me. I reach over and grab it, putting it right back against yer lower back as I scream at you to shut up and take it. Every fucking inch of my hard cock. You are here: Home »Blog Archive» Yesterday, Yer, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah You, all the way .. over and over again. You cry out again for me to stop and it makes me fuck you harder .. deeper, with every cry. 


    I let go of yer hair and yer head falls back down into the couch, my hand smacking and then grabbing that ass as i begin to fuck you harder ... faster. I start breathing heavier, letting out a low growl as I start to fuck you more roughly, that moist pussy becoming soaking wet, confirming that all those cries for help are meaningless. I see that tight asshole and i take my thumb and start playing with it. You perk up suddenly, yer eyes grow wide and you are genuinely scared. You plead for me to stop .. not to do it, and this time you mean it. I respond accordingly. 


    "Shut up, yer going to learn to fucking love this."


    Yer ass muscles I want to be with you. You cringe, as i start to slide it in and out of you, until suddenly you can feel both of your holes being fucked at the same time. At least its not my dick in my tight virgin ass, you think to yourself. I do not hear you pleading with me anymore. You close your eyes and look like you've accepted this. That you fucking love my hard cock deep inside you. I miss those cries. So I take it out and stick my dick straight into that ass. You scream. And I love it. I thrust deeper into you and you start to whimper, letting me hear those cries once again and giving me what i want. I tell you that you love getting fucked in yer ass. You just keep cringing, and whimpering. Eventually .. you relax .. And learn to fucking love it. But for some reason .. you just will not let me know that, will you. No ... you want to keep up this facade of not wanting this, even though I can tell you are on the verge of cumming.


    After a time of hard, rough ass fucking, I pull out and flip you over on your back. I wanna see that face .. the tears mixed into the mascara on those cheeks. I want to see you in the eyes when i force you to cum on my dick.  


    "Spread your fucking legs you dirty whore." Quit fighting me. That's it ... " 


    You've got a lot to do with this. I watch those eye lids flutter as I slide back into your soaking wet pussy. You want to cry .. but you can not ... your breathing gets faster as I pull in and out of you, still looking deep into those eyes ... my hand gripping your neck tighter. You can not help it now. You want to cum so badly. You want this stranger to take ownership of your body and you want ... air. It gets harder to breathe ... and you're on the verge.


    You get a little light headed ... you feel so fucking good. You cant say it out loud with my hand firmly around yer neck, so you think it. 


    * That's it ... keep fucking me !! Harder !! *


    I can see it in your eyes. You're ready to cum. So I fuck you harder and lean into your face and yell at you to cum on my fucking dick as I pound that pussy, my balls smacking against yer ass. You look at me one last time ... before your eyes in the back of your head ... lips parting, you squint ... you scream in spurts as my grip takes the air from your throat .... you do As your told, and you cum hard .... all over that big cock, deep inside you. You squirm briefly, your legs quivering around my body. Then you slump.


    I'm gonna be goin 'you slowly ... still fucking you as you lay there. I know any fight that you have left in you is completely gone, and that's just going to lay there and get fucked. I fuck you faster and then look down at you. I tell you that I'm going to cum deep inside this pussy and make it mines. You perk up with wide eyes and tell me no .. to please cum on your face. I tell you no, and you start to panic. You can feel me edging, on the verge on cumming and you plead with me, one last time. I look down at you and you look me in the eye, full of fear. I let out a loud moan and you know .. you can fell it. I'm cumming deep inside you.


    I lay there for a moment, both of us slumped over and panting. We do not speak. I finally get up, and pull my pants back on. You look at me, but I do not look back. I just walked to the door and was left wide open, and walk out - leaving you laying there in your mess. You close your eyes ... and you rest.



    The next day, you walk into the coffee shop. You are here: You could sit next to me and say hello, but you do not. The mystery still turns you on. Instead, you sit across from me. I look up, catch your eye ... and we simply smile.




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     The Dressing Room


    She walks off the stage, ready to call it a night. It was a long days work, and the money was good. Just another day at the "Mac's", dancing her perfect naked curves away in front of these desperate and lonely men. Looking back, she remembers the tall and dark haired gentleman ... wearing the yankees ball cap. He saw her .. they made eye contact .. but he never sat down. He was hot. Maybe she'll see him around ...


    Walking into the dressing room, she closes the door behind her ... but it does not close. A boot appears at the bottom of the door. Looking up, she meets his gaze .. it's him. She steps back a few feet before he walks into the room, closing the door behind him. She speaks .. 


    "Um .. can I help you sir?" 


    Taking his hat off, he walks forward, causing her to back up against the wall .. as he responds.


     "Oh yeah Ali .. yer gonna help me alright ..."


    She attempts to scream aloud, but her hand quickly finds her mouth. His other free hand quickly finds her wrist, as he twirls her around forcefully. Kicking everything off the office desk, he bends her over and thrusts against her luscious ass, causing her to spill onto the table .. her face off to the side, looking back at her attacker to find her exact intentions ...


    "Please sir."


    "But I do .. you have been a bad girl .. i saw you up there .. dancin 'for all those men ... teasing them .. Now you go to pay for all that teasing .. by giving it up properly! !! " 


    Her eyes widen, as the sound of his belt unbuckling causes her to shake about in his firm grip. His zipper rips down .. and the sound of his jeans dropping down and off to the side sends the sudden realization to her .. this is happening. What shes always fantasized about. But is it ready for it to actually happen? She has no choice. As her pants are tugged upon ... and ripped down.


    He rips her panties off, the linen easily ripping apart with his ferocious tugs and sweaters. He growls at her, as he tightens his grip on both her wrists to her lower back. She whimpers once more. Wondering if this is what she really wants. But it is too late .. he presses his manhood on her treasure .. feeling the full throbbing pulsation over her moist pleasure box. She squints, as he pushes himself into her .. slowly at first .. before finishing forcefully.


    "Ahhh ... sir please !!!" 


    She is one of the most beautiful women in the world.


    "Shut up !! You're going to take this and you're going to learn to love it like the good lil bitch i know you can be !!"


    He thrusts back into his ounce more .. and again .. and again. And again. Her legs kick backwards, as he continues to pound into her ... her screams of fear and terror.


    He continues his violation of his secretly willing victim, as her screams wail throughout the sound proof room. She is the only one in the world who knows what she wants. He watches her face. She has her teeth grinning and her fingers grasping over her lower back as he continues her assault on her now moist treasure. He responds.


    "Oh you like that now eh? You lil slut ... who said you could get wet all over my cock like that huh !! ??" 


    He leans off of her, giving her a moments respite. But only briefly, as she is suddenly flipped over onto her back. She has an opportunity to escape .. but she knows better .. she has no chance. There is nothing she can do .. but take it. Forcefully, he lifts her legs up over her shoulders, and leans down to grab her neck. His firm grip causes her to gasp for air initially .. as he enters her again.


    He watches intently as her eyes flutter back .. her every gasp for air causing him to thrust deeper and harder, watching her mouth gape wide open for it. Her hands, now free from her bondage, flail about her chest as he screams at her.


    "That's it .. you take it !! Who do you think you're eh ?? You breathe when i tell you, and you damn well get wet when i tell you, you little slut !!"


    She looks at him as if to respond, her lips parted as she tries to utter words. He releases her neck, slapping her across the face for her audacity.


     "Did i tell you to speak !! ??"


    He reaches down to her luscious titties, and squeezes her as his thrusts become more furious, causing her to scream aloud.


    He laughs as she flails all over the desk, before finally getting off of her. Reaching down to grab hold of her hair, he throws her down to the floor. She looks up to see the door .. and crawls towards it. He stalks her, watching her ass like a predator as it moves with her every inching crawl. 


    "Where do you think yer goin eh? You think I'm done with you !! ??"


    He grabs on her ankles, and pulls her back .. dragging her for the sake of it now .. before dropping down on her hard rock threatening against her tight asshole ...


    "Oh no .. no please, not that !!!!"


    He thrusts the head of his thick cock into her as she screams aloud. Her legs flailing about frantically .. he leans down to grab her wrist to the floor .. thrusting further into her .. causing more screams to fill the room. After a few more screams, she realizes there is nothing she can do to escape his grasp ... as he finally enters her fully. She grunts .. she is a girl and she is ...


    He thrusts into her tight asshole as it finally accepts his hard rock .. sliding in and out of her. Her body goes limp .. the fight seemingly gone from her spirit. This wont do he thinks .. not at all. Flipping her back over to her back, he crawls back up on her now submissive body. He looks down at her .. before grabbing his cock and forcing it into her mouth.


     "No ... yer not done fighting yet .."


    Her eyes grow wide, as her lips engulf him. Her hands reach up to push him off automatically, as he grabs her by the side of her head and screams to her ...


    "If you bite down i will hurt you ..."


    A tear flows over her cheek, letting him know she hears him. She lowers her hands, opening her mouth wider as she proceeds to face fuck her ...


    He fucks her mouth for a time, before pulling back out. She lays there moist pussy with her pussy in her pussy ... 


    "Rraagh !!"


    He thrusts himself into his vigorously .. ready to pump all of himself into her quivering body. She grabs on her hips .. ready to explode all over him.


    "Nn..no .. nNN..AAARGGH !!!"


    She explodes .. her body now running with a current of intensity ... true fulfillment. He feels her as he screams down to her surrendered facial expression ...


    "I'm gonna cum .. I'm gonna cum all up in this fucking pussy !!!"


    Here eyes widen as she perks up.


    "No .. no please do not ... cum on my face .. on my stomach .. please do not cum inside meee !!!!"


    It is too late .. he thrusts with one last barrage as his body tense and stiffens in match of his loud growl .. filling her pussy deep with his warm cum. She cries aloud .. now fully realizing what has just happened deep inside her. He collapses. After a time, he removes himself from her body, and does not say a word. He leaves her there in her mess ... the sound of his quick paced breath getting more faint .. the only way she knows that he is gone .. as she keeps her eyes closed ... not ready to get back to reality. ..




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